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Library - Visual Resources Collection Guide: Copyright

A guide to the services and resources of NSCAD's Visual Resources Collection.

Images and Copyright

The use of images from NSCAD's Visual Resources Collection is limited to education and private study only.  Images may not be duplicated or published without the copyright holder's permission.  The display of images from the VRC is limited to the NSCAD campus. 

Film, Video, and Copyright

The NSCAD Visual Resources Collection acquires DVDs and other moving image formats upon requests from Faculty and Instructors for teaching and research.  Public performance of any visual materials is limited to those titles that include public performance rights for on-campus screening.  Where possible, the VRC purchases materials with public performance rights.  

You can show the following works in class, as long as it is for educational or training purposes, not for leisure or profit, and only on NSCAD campuses.

Items may be screened in class in the following circumstances:

  • You may show a film or other cinematographic work in the classroom as long as the work is not an infringing copy, the film or work was legally obtained, and you do not circumvent a digital lock to access the film or work.
  • If you want to show a television news program in the classroom, under the Copyright Act, educational institutions (or those acting under their authority) may copy television news programs or news commentaries and play them in class.
  • You may perform a work available through the Internet, e.g. YouTube, videos, except under the following circumstances:
    • The work is protected by digital locks preventing their performance
    • A clearly visible notice prohibiting educational use is posted on the website or on the work itself.
    • You have reason to believe that the work available on the internet is in violation of the copyright owner’s rights.


Text derived from Waterloo Copyright FAQ by University of Waterloo, licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 Canada Licence.

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