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NSCAD University: Institutional Repository: Web Archives

An instructional guide on how to use NSCAD's institutional repository

What is Web Archiving? Why is it Important?

Web archiving involves using a web crawler to record parts of the World Wide Web in its original format to ensure this information preserved and made accessible for future generations of researchers, historians, and the public. An increasing amount of information is born digital and can only be accessed through a website.  If not archived properly, this information is at a high risk of being lost due to the ephemeral characteristics of information created online.

How to Access NSCAD Library Web Archive Collections

NSCAD Internet Archive Wayback Machine Collections

The focus on these collections is static web material such as online news articles pertaining to the NSCAD community, and NSCAD public communications.

NSCAD Library Rhizome Conifer Collections

Of particular importance in this collection is the capture of dynamic web content such as digital exhibitions by NSCAD students, and digital theses projects by NSCAD graduate students.

More Information About Web Archives and Webarchiving

More Resources for Personal Web Archiving

Use Webarchives to Surf and Discover the Old Web

About NSCAD Library Web Archive Collections

NSCAD has a number of web archived pages archived through the Rhizome Conifer Platform, and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. In the late summer of 2020 the Library received funding from the Information and Communications Technology Council to hire a student to assist in web archiving digital content during the COVID-19 pandemic through until the winter semester. The Library hired NSCAD student Kayza Degraff-Ford who led this project. Of particular importance in this project was the exploration of methods to preserve digital exhibitions by NSCAD students, news pertaining to NSCAD, University communications, and digital theses projects by NSCAD graduate students that are produced as websites.

Apocalypse NSCAD

Apocalypse NSCAD is a web archiving exhibition by NSCAD student Kayza Degraff-Ford. Degraff-Ford archived NSCAD content as part of a NSCAD Library COVID-19 web archiving project.  You can find the original site at  Below is a link to the archived exhibition in NSCAD's Conifer platform.

"What is a web archive?" - By the UK Web Archive