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Syllabus Service

This guide provides information about the NSCAD Library syllabus service.

How to Use the Syllabus Service

How to Use the Syllabus Service

The NSCAD Library can assist you in making your course readings and media accessible and available for teaching, on campus or online, while respecting NSCAD licensing agreements and Canadian copyright legislation.

Using your course syllabus, the library will provide links to licensed content from our online databases. We will provide assistance with scanned content (within fair dealing guidelines).

Always use links instead of downloaded files if possible, as that ensures accurate use statistics. We will also obtain transactional licenses for materials that fall outside the limits of fair dealing. 

This service is available to all NSCAD Faculty and Instructors.  Links and PDF files will be provided that faculty and instructors can use to upload readings to their Brightspace course.

Please submit the following to Rebecca Young, Librarian at

  • A list of complete citations with page numbers, as an Excel file or Word file.
  • Your course syllabus.
  • Provide full titles for film and videos, including director and year, and source if possible.
  • We will send links to licensed content that you can include in your Brightspace course.
  • Faculty will be contacted about materials that require permissions or transactional licenses. 

When submitting your syllabus please also include:

  • Course name and course code
  • Your name and contact information
  • Course start and end dates
  • Number of students enrolled in course

Please submit your syllabus and reading list as soon as possible.

Reading lists will be processed on a first-come first-serve basis

Course Reserves

Do you need books put on reserve?

Please email Reserves with your requests.  If you need to have items purchased for your course reserves, please email Rebecca Young with those requests. Reserve requests are processed in the order they arrive at the library. For more information about putting materials on reserve at the NSCAD Library please refer to our Library Reserves Guide.

Links in Brightspace

The NSCAD Library can only provide URLs for Brightspace use to the following types of electronic resources:

  1. Licensed resources: Electronic articles and books in databases purchased by the NSCAD Library for use by the NSCAD community.  We can create proxied and persistent URLs for accessing this licensed material in Brightspace.
  2. Electronic resources where the appropriate copyright permissions have been acquired.
  3. Links to public domain and other free and open web resources.

Important Information On Copyright

For resources which the NSCAD Library does not own in print, have a license to use, or which exceed fair dealing guidelines, the appropriate permissions will be sought out.  In cases where permissions are not attainable, we will work with you to find alternatives. To learn more about copyright and fair dealing please refer to following resources: