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Copyright Guide: Audio and Video

Can I Screen DVDs and videos in the Classroom?

Screening of films (any format) in the classroom is allowed under the exemption in section 29.5(d) of the Copyright Act. That exemption permits an educational institution or a person acting under its authority to perform in public an audiovisual work on the premises of the university for educational or training purposes before an audience consisting primarily of students, instructors, or any person who is directly responsible for setting curriculum. The audiovisual work must either not be an infringing copy or the person responsible for the performance must have no reasonable grounds to believe that it is an infringing copy.
The exemption in section 29.5(d) applies to performing all or any part of an audiovisual work. It does not however permit the copying of any part of an audiovisual work. In particular, section 29.5(d) does not permit the copying of any part of an audiovisual work even if it is necessary to copy the work in order to perform it.

When using films, video or other moving image content in an online course, the same exemption applies.

Where possible, the NSCAD Visual Resources Collection purchases materials with public performance rights, and items in the collection are labelled to indicated when rights are included.  

Copies of any DVDs or videos may not be made without permission from the copyright owner.