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NSCAD Thesis Guide

Thesis Submission Forms & Licence

Preparing your documents

All thesis submissions require two PDF documents:

  1. a final version of your thesis, and
  2. a signed Non-exclusive Licence

If your thesis includes additional materials, they must be submitted as well. Such as:

  • Thesis web site
  • Accompanying materials, such as audio visual materials, still photographs, exhibition catalogue, datasets

  1. Thesis File
    • After your defence and all revisions have been made, the committee will sign off on your thesis. Then, convert the entire final thesis into PDF format.
    • Rename your file as follows: NSCAD_Degree_Year_LastNameFirstName_Thesis.pdf
      • i.e. Master of Arts in Art Education: NSCAD_MAAEd_2022_DoesJohn_Thesis.pdf
      • Masters of Design: NSCAD_MDes_2022_DoesJane_Thesis.pdf
      • Master of Fine: NSCAD_MFA_2022_DoesJane_Thesis.pdf
  2. NSCAD Library Thesis Non-Exclusive Licence Agreement

    • Fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe's Fill & Sign mobile app and e-sign it
      • To sign the document, you will be required to create an electronic signature
    • Rename your file as follows: NSCAD_Degree_Year_LastNameFirstName_Licence.pdf
      • i.e. Master of Arts in Art Education: NSCAD_MAAEd_2022_DoesJohn_Licence.pdf
      • Masters of Design: NSCAD_MDes_2022_DoesJane_Licence.pdf
      • Master of Fine: NSCAD_MFA_2022_DoesJane_Licence.pdf
    • A non-exclusive licence grants NSCAD Library the right to publish your thesis online. This licence does not affect the ownership of copyright — you maintain whatever rights you have in your thesis. In addition, the licence does not contain a waiver of your moral rights to your thesis.
  3. Thesis Web Site
    • Submit URL of your thesis web site
    • The library will record the site using webrecorder for preservation
  4. Accompanying Materials
    • Preferred file format PDF e-portfolios
    • Files must be submitted in generic file formats
      • No proprietary file formats, such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign etc. 
      • For more information about acceptable file formats, please contact the Library
    • Rename your file as follows: NSCAD_Degree_Year_LastNameFirstName_Thesis_FileDescription.extension
      • i.e. NSCAD_MAAEd_2022_DoesJohn_Thesis_MovingImages.mpeg
      • NSCAD_MFA_2022_DoesJane_Thesis_ExhibitionCatalogue.pdf 

Gathering your thesis information

  1. Name First and Last* Required field
  2. Full Name for Publication (if different)
    • Optional field
    • Include your name as you would like it to appear on the NSCAD Institutional Repository, if different from First Name Last Name
    • Including middle name(s) or initial(s)
      • i.e. Rebecca Jane Young
      • Katie A Puxley
      • Detta Morrison-Phillips
  3. NSCAD ID Number* Required field
    • Used only by the Library internally
  4. Date of Birth
    • It is optional to supply your date of birth. If you choose to do so, this information will be included in the bibliographic record for your thesis.
  5. Personal Email* Required field
    • internal use only
  6. NSCAD Email* Required field
    • Internal use only
  7. Phone* Required field
    • Internal use only
  8. Thesis Title: Subtitle* Required field
    • Please include the full title with the subtitle
    • Note that all formatting will be lost - italicized text, strikethrough etc.
    • If your thesis title has specific formatting, please contact the Librarian after submission
  9. Degree Program* Required field
  10. Degree Discipline/Specialty (If applicable)
    • Specialty within your Program
      • i.e. Craft, Photography, Media Arts
  11. Year of Graduation* Required field
  12. Thesis Advisor* Required field
  13. Committee Members* Required field
    • Include all committee members
    • Separate names with commas
  14. Abstract* Required field
    • Short summary of your thesis, its content, conclusions and methodology
    • Recommended length 150 words.
  15. Author-Supplied Keywords* Required field
    • Please add 6-10 keywords and terms describing the topic, methodology used, period, or geographic location, etc.

Corrections and Assistance

Please contact
Katie Puxley, Systems Librarian

For assistance with any part of the thesis submission process, to correct any thesis information, or to submit an updated version of a thesis document.